Friday, January 31, 2014

Colour Play

I am taking a break from very fine stitching today and playing with colours.

Since I very first saw the 'Elephant Festival' range of fabrics from Shelly Penko on Spoonflower I just loved the colour scheme and knew I just HAD to do a crewel work project in those colours.

The bright magenta and pinks with a bit of purple thrown in are not at all the kind of colours I am usually drawn to, but these fabulous, happy patterns were just too inspiring. I put a couple of images with the colours I was working with together (+ one with a bright orange fist just for fun) and even found a mug that kind of had a similar feel to it.

Do you find you tend to stick to the same colours over and over again? I do, so it is nice to try something new from time to time. You never know how it will end up.
It was really nice to sit and do a bit of colouring in for a change and despite the 'unfamiliar' colours it went really easy. Now let the stitching begin...

Enjoy your weekend,


  1. So excited to see what you make with these colors, Anna! I also get stuck in color ruts and Spoonflower's weekly challenges have really helped to push me to use different colors. Especially when they have challenges with limited color palettes. I've found that colors I never would have chosen on my own end up being favorites. It's so good to experiment and try on other palettes...always good to step out of our comfort zones, it helps us grow by leaps and bounds! Thank you for including my shop and I'm so honored you found inspiration in my patterns!

  2. I wouldn't say my embroideries used the same colours most of the time, but my clothes tend to be mostly pinks and purples these days, along with black, greys, whites etc.

    I love those magenta shades too. I just wish I liked the feel of wool!

  3. What wonderful happy colours :) I am trying to challenge myself this year but working with different colours

  4. How funny, I just wrote about 'comfort colours' in my blog post! I tend to stick with the same yarn colours for crochet, but my embroidery sees me being much bolder, especially with my Dr Seuss stitching project, the brightest colours I've ever worked with! Chrissie x

  5. Fabulous happy patterns + fabulous happy colors = this should be fun!

  6. Mmmm ...yes ......I ,m loving that deep bluey green !

  7. Love love love these colours! Can't wait to see how they look stitched up.


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