Friday, November 15, 2013

Beating Around the Bush

The programme for Beating Around the Bush 2014 came out a few weeks ago and I have been meaning to show you what I will be teaching. Some of these you have seen coming along here on the blog, but this the reveal of the completed designs.

The Dainty Pink Daisy is my 1 day introduction to Or Nue. I ran this class a few weeks ago just to see how it goes in a class situation. Or Nue is sooooo slow - well in a nice way, but I was impressed with how far the girls got in just 5 hours.

Crimson Clover is a 2 day crewel embroidery class. It is a smaller adaptation of Meadow Bloom - which had turned out to be way too involved for a two day class. This one is kind of an introduction to crewel embroidery although I do get a bit carried away playing with stitches - but that is half the fun, isn't it?

My other 2 day class is this mirror frame, Illuminated Flora. It is a combination of silk embroidery and simple metal thread techniques with a bit of Or Nue thrown in for good measure. If you think it looks familiar, you are right. I originally stitched it for the cover of A-Z of Goldwork. It is a bit of an honour that the piece is also used for the cover of the Beating Around the Bush programme.
I am wondering though, if I should make up a smaller version of the design. Most of the elements are simply repeated several times around the frame so it would be relatively easy to make a smaller version, which has each element just once. What do you think?

For those who haven't heard of Beating Around the Bush before, it is an International needlework convention hosted by Country Bumpkin in Adelaide, South Australia every other year. I have taut at a couple of these conventions and they are just SO AMAZING to be part of. In essence it is a week of stitching, meeting new people, catching up with old friends and simply having a good time doing something you love - you can't really wish for more than that, can you?
As much as I love to teach, there are quite a few classes I wish I could do...       You can download your free class programme HERE to see the full line-up of amazing tutors from around the world. Bookings don't open until March so if you are able to come and join us in Adelaide, there is time to start saving or even add a class or two to your Christmas wish list.

Talking of Christmas - I have a pattern to finish this afternoon, so I'd better get to it.

Have a lovely weekend,
Anna x


  1. They look lovely, Anna! I esp like the mirror frame (I have the book=)).
    If only it weren't so far to get to BATB.....

  2. I would love to do, not do a mirror frame but picture frame, but no one shows or can even tell me the name of a book that tells how to do one..... I have no way of taking those courses.

    1. The frame is not as tricky as it may look. There are really good step-by-step instructions in issue 69 of Inspirations magazine which is what I based this one on. Back issues are on sale for $5.00 each on the Country Bumpkin website. Good luck, Anna

  3. Hi Anna, each design is lovely in its own way. I would like to take the Crimson Clover crewel embroidery class. The smaller size would be better for me and lots of stitches to play with would be wonderful! Also I would like to let you know that in my case I would enjoy starting with a smaller version of the Illuminated Flora with each element just once. I could learn and stitch a small section of Ore Nue that way! I have the A-Z Goldwork book and I love to look at your work on the cover. I love the colours and the mix of silk and gold threads. It is delicate and beautiful.
    Best wishes, Dianne

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Dianne, I really appreciate it. Anna

  4. thanks , I like your embroidery images


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