Monday, November 25, 2013

A good weekend

I may not have sewn a single stitch this weekend, but amongst the usual 'must-do-weekend-stuff' it has been pretty inspiring...

Good company (thanks Eleanor) + Bowerbird Bazaar = Best way to spend a Saturday morning.
It was the first time I had been to this fabulous design market and it most certainly won't be the last! Intimate, but not small - lots of great stands but not too big. And the best part... Everything was so beautiful and well presented - just a joy to look at. I didn't mean to buy anything, but it was impossible to completely resist when faced with utterly clever stuff like ...

... groovy belts made from up-cycled bicycle tyres from BUCKit Belts and the most delightful Dinosaur terrarium kits from The Maker.

Though I haven't touch a needle all weekend (no quite true, I did teach on Sunday), I have had fun just playing with a few scraps. You know the kind of 'sit back and let the needle do its thing and see what happens' kind of stitching.

1. I had a pile of small - no, tiny linen scraps + a hank of denim blue crewel yarn
2. I had some line drawings of really odd looking creatures...
3. Each creature fitted onto a tiny linen scrap...
4.... so I stitched a couple...
5. ...then I drew scribbled some more creatures...
6. ... and stitched them too.

Once I start, each take on a life on its own and just grow. No plan, the stitches decide for them selves what goes where - easy stitching and I am loving it.
I probably should do something with these little crewel creatures, but for now I am quite happy just to let the menagerie multiply...

Hope you too had a good weekend,


  1. Wow, what a fun herd of creatures! Your "easy playing around with stitches" looks stunning, a lot nicer than my messy play...Chrissie x

    1. I saw your shapes on &stitches, Chrissie - well I didn't realise they were yours at the time. LOVE the cookie cutter template idea - that is just so clever.
      Messy? - what mess?
      Anna x

  2. Love your creatures. Thanks for sharing.
    Juno x

    1. ... and thank you for for your lovely message, Anna x

  3. Hi Anna! I love your fun doodle stitches...btw, what is that wonderful square stitchery on the backs of a couple them? I would love to learn that one!

    1. hmmm... those square thingy patterns are so fun and easy - I can feel a how-to post coming up...


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