Thursday, October 10, 2013

Unexpected visit

Look who was 'hanging about' in a tree out the front when I got home this afternoon....

She looks rather grumpy. having mistaken a boring old pine for a gum tree. as she sits there scouting for a better tree to climb, don't you think?
She did let me get really close with the camera though - just look at that face...
... not to speak of those claws! Not sure I would want to become too familiar with those. 

How do I know it's a girl? I don't, just guessing, she wasn't very big.

What do you think of my new PIN IT buttons? As you know I just LOVE Pinterest and I have been pondering adding those funky hover buttons to my pictures so that they are really easy for you to grab if you like. Tonight I found this one very pretty heart one from Shari on Spearmint Baby. How could I possibly resist? It finally prompted me to work how to add them and luckily Shari also had a great tutorial on how to add them. Thanks Shari!

Koala hugs to everyone,

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