Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Soon to be bee

I am just about to embark on the final touches of large honeysuckle - just as well, I need it for a class in three week.

It is coming along nicely - I am so, so happy with the way the unopened flowers turned out. The padding is fat and round and you just have to stroke them. Not sure, but I might even like them better than the open ones.

Every single time I do one of these little bees it surprises me how this...

... after a more than a bit of trimming, and combing, and fluffing up, and more trimming, and more combing, and more fluffing up, and more trimming, and a bit more combing, fluffing and trimming - can possibly end up looking like this....

But it does. Now all she needs is a couple of eyes to find her way, some wings to take her there and some legs to stand on once she gets there.

Happy Wednesday,
Anna x


  1. I'm certainly enjoying the journey.....wish I were a few countries closer to your classes! Thank you for sharing with us who live in the "embroidery desert".

    1. AAwww Sarah, 'embroidery desert' sounds dreadful. I might have to 'swing by' some day to brighten up with a stitch or two. Anna x

    2. Embroidery desert. What a great description. I live in one too in Mississippi in the USA. I love getting inspiration from you, Anna. And some other greats that I've found through your links. Thanks for sharing you creative process and the lovely photos.

  2. This project is looking just gorgeous, Anna! I love the thread you are using for the honeysuckle, and you can never go wrong with a bee, imho! :D

  3. Wow, beautiful work and the bee metamorphosis is quite amazing!

  4. Looking great! As someone enrolled in the class, it's been fascinating to watch the piece develop.