Saturday, October 26, 2013

I am inspired...

... by Frederique Morrel.

I have a million things to do this morning, but when I found these I just had to show you - oh how I love Pinterest!

The mission of this amazing French artist is to 'rescue the dying art of embroidery by giving it a contemporary twist'. Well it is fabulously twisted alright... She uses vintage tapestries (well they are needlepoint, but let's not get hung up on terminology here) to create these grand and exciting pieces. I have never been overly excited about 'tapestried' but this... this I find exciting.

I love this part of the philosophy behind Frederique's work - 
"We create artefacts to re-enchant our world. We knit links where generational transmission was lost. We occasionally speak to animals in their own language. We like materials that tell stories of simple, ideal happiness, and that have been caressed by many hands."

Do you get excited when you see embroidery used in new and inventive ways? As you can probably tell, I do most definitely. I get excited about it being removed from the 'retired spinster' category (we of course know better, I am referring the common public opinion) and put into exciting new context. As Frederique says; "I like the idea of giving the past a second look".

I won't be stitching an enchanted forest today - but it would be nice...

Hope you have a lovely weekend,
Anna x


  1. Dear Anna,
    You have given my weekend the most inspiring start! These pieces are magical.
    Thank you!
    Liebe Grüße ,

  2. Exquisite! Thank you for sharing this - i am inspired too!

  3. Hi Anna. Thanks for posting this inspired work by Frederique Morrel. "Knitting links" between the generations is what is going to keep all needlework alive and current and take it out of the "retired spinster" category. Thanks for introducing me to her work, and I hope you have an enchanting weekend, even if it won't include stitching an enchanted forest.

  4. Thanks Anna for sharing this. Like the others who have posted I have so enjoyed looking at this work, it truly is inspiring.

  5. Their philosophy is so beautiful <3 I'd love to know more about the philosophy behind your work :)

    1. oh, now you've made me think, Christine :-) - I stitch because I can't help not to, but that thing about 'giving the past a second look' does rather resonate somehow.