Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back in business

I am a little bit excited...

 ...Paternayan is back in business!
So what is the big deal, you might ask. - Well, firstly, as you may already be aware, I have a bit of a love affair happening when it comes to working with wool in general, and secondly, and more importantly - Paternayan is an amazingly beautiful yarn that I used for a couple of blankets and other smaller projects a few years ago before the company sadly had to close.

When it comes to sumptuous, fat embroidery wool there is not a great deal to choose from (that I know of), so I was pretty disappointed when the yarns were no longer available. The only yarn I found that came close is Stand Mohair Embroidery Yarn from New Zealand. It is a beautiful yarn (I used it for the Tote bag I did recently) with a lovely sheen due to it being part mohair, but it is more expensive, the colour range is smaller and it is more difficult to come by than Paternayan - And it is back!

What I love about Paternayan (apart from the 400+ colours!) is that it has a lot more body than other woollen yarns and therefore such good coverage that you can work up quite sizable designs in no time.

Paternayan comes as a loosely twisted three stranded yarn and you separate the stands the same way you would stranded cotton and silk.I am not sure how it would go on linen but it is my absolutely preferred yarn on blanketing and it is so lovely to handle - soft and smooth, and no where nearly as 'hairy' as Appleton crewel yarn. It is also firmer twisted than Appleton crewel wool (the one below in the picture to the right) so the stitches don't sink into the fabric as much, which gives the designs much more body. I guess you could compare it to the difference between stranded and perle thread.

So I have been in stitch heaven this weekend 'whipping up' a new project, but I can't tell you just yet what it is. Sorry.

I hope you too had a lovely weekend.
Anna x


  1. Good news for wool fans! It looks lovely when worked up into a piece.=)

    Personally, I don't like the feel of wool on my finger ends, but I do like the look of the finish, so I enjoyed your pictures.

  2. Loving your stitch combinations and colours! This looks like something really pretty. Better have some more stitch heaven weekends :)