Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tulipa Bird

I got the sewing machine out today and wanted to show you what I did with one of my crewel work pieces that has been sitting around for some time. I have named the panel Tulipa Bird. Tulips are among my favourite flowers and I seem to be going through a bit of 'bird' phase so it seemed like a fitting name.

I dug this perfectly colourful piece of cotton out of my stash and decided to make it into a small zipped pouch.

When I teach or have to take my sewing bits and pieces usually travel in a plastic container. It is practical but not very flattering really, so now I can bring them with me in style.

To make the instructions for the design nice and clear, they needed quite a few diagrams. I guess I could photograph steps as I stitch, but I tend to forget. Besides, as a stitcher, I prefer to follow diagrams. What about you - do you have a preference?

When I popped Tulipa Bird in my little Etsy shop today next to the matching pin cushion and scissor case , I couldn't help but think that it is beginning to look like a real shop. Mainly crewel work at this stage but there is other 'stuff' in the making...

The size of the panel makes it suitable for so many other things than pouches - it would look really sweet framed, make a fabulous centre piece on a cushion, work well as pocket on a tote bag and make a stunning cover for your i-pad or tablet so I decided to make the kits just for the embroidery, so you can make it into whatever you feel like. The kit includes everything you need for the embroidery; the linen is prepared, the shaded crewel yarns sorted and I have drawn the design on the fabric so that you can get started on the more pleasurable part - the stitching, right away. I have only packed a few kits to start with, but the beauty of Etsy is that I can easily and quickly top them up if need be.

I was excited to find a new function on Etsy which allows customers to download a pattern as soon as the payment is confirmed. Sounds really fabulous. No more waiting on emails. They didn't have that option last I uploaded patterns and I am not entirely sure how it works at the customer's end, so if anyone has used it, I would be grateful if you would let me know.

Have a lovely Sunday, I will be picking olives...
Anna x

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