Thursday, April 25, 2013


Inspiration is a funny thing... 


I have a quite a few class projects to prepare over the next few months. One is for a two day 'introduction to stumpwork'. Fabulous, nothing like a bit of fine stitching but I was a bit stuck for ideas… panic? Not really, I know that if I just let it 'smoulder' in the back of my mind, sooner or later a picture will start to emerge - I have no idea where it comes from.

The other day I flicked through a couple of books including one of my favourites when looking for ideas for this sort of thin: Thomasina Beck's The Embroiderer's garden, a fabulous source with great illustrations. 
A few days later my  Pinterest page filled with Honeysuckle in all shapes and sizes. I love Pinterest – it is so perfect for collecting and creating mood boards...

To be continued....
Anna X

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  1. The Embroiderers Garden is a fabulous book for inspiration.Also one of my all-time favourites.:)