Friday, February 22, 2013

Finished in February

I have long had a fascination with William Morris and often look to his and other Arts & Craft designs for ideas. A little while ago I bought a small piece of fabric from the 'Morris Meadows' range by in In The Beginning fabrics.

I loved the mix of colours - a bit 'out there' for a William Morris inspired print. I picked the colours out in shaded crewel wool (sorry am totally in love with that yarn) and over a few nights of having nothing much to do - a kind of 'in between projects' moment, just playing with stitches. The small flowers for example were meant to be berries and the result is a case of 'I wonder what happens if I don't complete the pinwheel?' They worked out rather cute and I might just use them again some time.

I mostly do my crewelwork on ivory 45 count linen and not linen twill. Both fabrics are fabulous to work with, but I like the crispness of the ivory and often struggle to get the colours of my yarns to work well with the natural linen colour of the twill. I do wish they would make this fabric in ivory. This time though, the colours worked perfect on the twill.
Anyway, as with so many other pieces, it has been laying around for quite a few months waiting to get finished and it finally happened.

You can't see the lining - it is, of course, the 'Morris Meadows' fabric.

Happy stitching this weekend,
Anna x


  1. It is gorgeous Anna....I could have given you my original drawings for that piece of fabric - instant embroidery template!! Quite surreal seeing my drawings turned into a piece of fabric! Hope your back gets better soon, Michele xx

    1. Thanks Michele. I saw the latest fabrics - love, love, love the bird one!

  2. Wow! This is beautiful! Just found your blog from feelin' stitchy. You do really wonderful work! I love seeing how you pulled this design from the Morris print. Very inspiring!

    1. Welcome to my little creative space and thank you so much for your nice comment. I had a look at your blog - wow what wonderful photography,it is like you live in a fairy=tale landscape.