Sunday, February 3, 2013

Finished Daisy

It is finished...

... the Or Nué Spring Daisy can be ticked of the list of things to be Finished in February.
Working the last few rounds of laid gold, without any shading, went really quick after all dense colour on the petals.
I had seen a detail picture from an old ecclesiastical vestment on Needle 'n Thread some time ago. It was of a flower with an amazing centre stitched in check purl, looped and piled up into a soft dome. I thought it was fabulous and have had something along those lines in mind for the centre of my daisy ever since I started it.

I hadn't saved the page (of course) but Mary was (as always) most helpful and dug it out for me quickly. Isn't if fantastic? There is something exquisite about old goldwork - it has a patina that I just love.
To define the centre I added a ring of tiny little spangles first. I wanted to incorporate a bit of green into the circle, so rather than 'just' stitching them one with straight stitches or beads, I decided to try little pistil stitches - that was fun.
I started the bullion loops - they looked ok, big and 'fluffy' - but as I filled the centre, it just wasn't right. They looked odd and somehow detracted from the delicate petals - so out they came...

... shorter lengths of purl (#6 rough purl) and larger distance between the exit and entry points to that the loops are sitting more flat. It closer resembles the centre of the flower on the vestment but I have left the a bit more open and spaced so that green silk underneath shows through.

It has been a learning curve and is by no means perfect, but overall  - I am happy. Will it go in a paperweight as planned - no, the thick glass doesn't do it justice and I would like it to have a bit of space around it. I like space - I have some ideas but for now it is going into the 'what to do with later' pile. Will I do Or Nué again? - Absolutly! It might be slow and methodical, but it is ever so rewarding.
Hope your weekend was full of sunshine.
Anna x


  1. Beautiful work, Anna (as usual :) )

  2. It's gorgeous. I'm quite curious how it will look after you have used your "ideas".

    1. I am seriously considering filling a generous square around it with stem stitch - rows and rows of it - in green silk. We'll see

  3. Congratulations on a lovely finish! I doubt I'll ever have the patience for or nue, but one never knows.

    So, you've got your first 'Finish in Feb', what's up next?? I need to get started, or I won't meet the goal...

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, it is a pretty good feeling. Next up are a few 'not as much fun jobs' like getting instructions for my last few patterns written and finalised.

  4. It looks fabulous, Anna. Great idea, great design, beautiful execution! I will be interested to see what you finally decide to do with it. It definitely needs something special!

  5. Hi Anna,

    This is just stunning! Someday I want to learn how to do this! The center is especially sparkly...what a fun technique.
    Liebe Grusse,

  6. Or Nue is one of those funny things - the stitches are so, so simple, the tricky part is getting the tension and spacing even. As slow as it is was to work, I just rediscovered how satisfying it is.

  7. This is so beautiful. I love the contrast of the raised centre with the smoothness of the or nue :)