Saturday, January 26, 2013

Just a Saturday...

- cleaning the floors (not sure why we ever thought light coloured carpet was a good idea in one of the boys room!),
- washing our dog Tess, (she of course promptly found a patch of dry dirt to roll in!), which led to...
- scrubbing the bathrooms,
- 5 loads of washing (including the dogs bed - no point in an almost clean dog on a dirty bed, is there?)
- changing the bedding (well only ours really, the boys are old enough and I have them trained to do their own)
.... I wondered whether to have a snooze on the clean bed or steal an hour or so to work in the Or Nué daisy. Happy to report the daisy won if only for an hour or so.

I haven't touched it for over a month and I discovered two things; my eyes are getting worse and I haven't been looking after my hands so the silk kept catching. A friend of mine, Margaret Lee told me a trick of rubbing your hands with salt and lemon juice before you go to bed to help rough hands. I will try it tonight and let you know how I go.
I am getting there. A few of the petals are almost done. The spaces between the petals have increased so I need to add couching stitches there too. I decided to use a very, very pale pistachio green silk (instead of gold coloured sewing thread). The idea is to try and add a light green tinge to the gold - a bit like the green light in a garden. We'll see if it works.

My last post about getting things finished got me a bit motivated to finish some more of my UFOs. I seem to get more done when I have a deadline, so I have decided declare February the month for getting as much finished as I possibly can. I will call this little project 'Finished in February'. I have set up a group on Flickr, hoping that some of you will join me and we can get finishing together. I will be showing you my before picture(s) before February 1 and if you like you can post your over here. I will be happy to hand out any tips (if I am able to help) if you are stuck with something.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Anna X


  1. If I have not done finer work for a while, I do find it can be harder to see at first. But there are tiny muscles in the eye, and when I stick with it it gets easier again as they get stronger. It's one of those "use it or lose it" propositions!

    1. Hi Monica, That is so interesting, I didn't know that. I really hope my eyes get a bit better at the seeing the fine stitches, then. Still think I might need stronger glasses, but I really don't like using my magnifier - I feel so distant from the fabric and 'what is happening' with my hands, looking through it.

  2. I use an emery board for rough patches that catch silk threads. Works a treat.

    1. I usually do that too, to get rid of the really rough patched but I tried the lemon and salt last night and have the most wonderful soft hands today - pity I I won't have time to get any stitching done :-(

  3. Sugar and olive oil rubbed all over your hands is very good too. Perhaps it's the lighting that is causing the problem real daylight is the best if not a good daylight bulb . I also find I can see better first thing in the morning


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