Sunday, January 20, 2013

Finishing Touches

Most of the vineyard is now covered in nets and if it wasn't because of it being 30°C, it almost looks like it is covered in a powder of snow - well, with a bit of imagination perhaps.

I have a terrible habit of putting off completing the finishing touches to my embroideries. Once the embroidery is complete, I find it really difficult to find the motivation to lace the piece for framing or constructing what-ever item it may be. It is not that I don't like seeing them completely finished - in fact there is nothing more satisfying than having your embroidery mounted in the frame or made into a bag, cushion, book cover or other things. It always looks different and so much better once it is completely finished.
After spending the morning in the vineyard, putting out goodness know how many kilometres of netting, it was really, really satisfying to get one of my most recent crewelwork pieces, Meadow Bloom finished. The project is for an intermediate crewelwork class at the Embroiderers Guild of South Australia in June (Sunday, 2 and 16 June). The sample piece is just slightly overdue and I am not sure what was most satisfying; getting them finished or striking them off my infamous to-do list.

I have a couple of ready-made frames that I use to display class projects, so all I needed to do was lace the embroidery onto card.
Lacing is really so simple and it surprises me how many stitchers are put off or scared about doing it - leaving it up to their framer to do so. Most framers will staple the piece, which is not usually recommended for textiles. The stables will over time tarnish and corrode, stain the fabric and cause tears. I prefer to lace my project, not because I expect them to be around forever but because I can do it myself and get them exactly how I want them.

If you are doing your own framing, don't forget to clean your piece before you pop it behind glass. There is nothing worse than seeing a beautiful piece of work with a pet hair or a bit of sewing thread stuck to it, is there? Just roll a bit of tape around your finger and use it to gently lift off any bits of 'fluff'.

I took a few pictures to show you how I go about Lacing Embroidery. It would be great to hear if you find it useful and would like to see more little tutorials like it.

I have a couple more projects that needs the finishing touches. How about you, do you tend to put the finishing off your projects once the embroidery? Perhaps we all 'get together' next weekend and get some finishing done!

Have a great week,
Anna x


  1. I'm with you! I also tend to put the finishing off when the fun part is done. I have a few pieces in my closet that just need to get finished off.
    I intend to finish an "old" piece every time I have finished a "new" one.

  2. I have a few pieces waiting to be framed, too. Someday...

  3. Anna, excellent tutorial - thank you. As one who has been intimidated about finishing (particularly lacing), I feel that I am now ready to tackle this on my next finished project. I do hope you will consider making your pattern, Meadow Bloom, available on Etsy for purchase. It is GORGEOUS!
    -Sharon Brodeuse