Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday at the office

The past two weeks have been crazy busy, but today this was my office! The vines get so excited about spring, that they forget they only are meant to send shoots out along the top. Instead they shoot all along the trunks as well, so I spent a couple of hours this morning happily walking up and down a few rows, pulling them off. After a hectic week at work, it can be rather nice not to have to think too hard and just let the mind wander. Besides, who wouldn't rather be outside than behind a computer screen on a beautiful spring day?

I am trying really, really hard to get more designs stitched and ready for various workshops and classes and of course my sparsely stocked little shop. The designing and stitching are the easy bits. I am not sure if I can only blame the glorious weather, but the thought of spending the day in front of the computer, writing instructions and drawing diagrams simply felt fare too much like real work today. 

Instead I completely ignored my mile-long to-do list and spent the afternoon on the front porch, happily stitching away and simply taking in the view. This little crewel piece is one I am re-working from a class I did years ago. I really quite like the design and think it will be a nice addition to the new designs I am getting ready, what do you think?. I am hopeless at stitching the same thing twice and of course have not been able to help myself in changing a few colours and stitches here and there. It has been kind of fun to work from a set of my very early instructions! I am happy to say that the revised version will be much improved. 

From a most enjoyable day in the office, have a lovely weekend.
Anna x


  1. It looks like a difficult day! Love that crewel design :)

  2. Is that water in the far distance, or more hills? It looks gorgeous.

    1. Hi Monica, it is a beautiful view - we are very spoiled! In these pics it is more hills, but on a good day we can see the ocean from the top of the property.

    2. It would be lovely to work in your 'office' for a day!