Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Under the big blue sky...

Apart from a spectacular thunder shower a few days ago, the weather has been amazing lately. Not too hot and brilliant blue skies every day. 

Indoors, it has been a somewhat slow progress on getting my own big blue sky finished. It didn't really matter though - it wasn't about time, or finishing - row by row the gap in the sky closed under my needle.... until I realised, I was likely to run out of the main shade of blue, and that I somehow had managed to loose the label with the colour code.

I finished it yesterday, with not a single strand of blue to spare...
The entire sky is filled with parallel rows of very long split stitches. To blend from one shade to the next, the colours are alternated for a couple of rows.

The fallen branch was finished by adding a wired piece to the end of it. For now it is sitting a almost flat against the background so that it doesn't get caught and damaged, but I will bend it out a bit more before the piece is framed. 

It is nice to stand back and look at the finished piece and realise it is pretty close to how I had pictured it in my head.. not exactly, but close.

I have linked the posts on the progress below if you feel like a recap of how it came from the rough sketch below to the finished piece.

... I think I need to work on something really, really colourful now. But first we need to get this years harvest over and done with.

Have a lovely week,
Anna x


  1. It is so aggravating to lose the color label! Your piece is very striking, a very good rendering of the desert and sky.

  2. This is just brilliant, Anna! It has been so fun to see it come to life, and I really love that sky, too. The sheen on the fibres is amazing! Will you frame it under glass, or let it glow? It's always a difficult choice.

  3. I've recently leant about embroidery and saw many different designs. It was really interesting. Also embroidery in Sydney was so beautiful.