Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lone Tree WIP

This is now coming along slowly but steadily. Dune by dune, the gap between the earth and the sky is slowly getting smaller and smaller.

Some dunes still require a bit of thought when it comes to choosing colour and stitch, others just fall into place right away.

I use variegated threads sparingly - I like to be in charge of which colour and shade falls where. Instead I use blended threads or work with two or three colours in the one area, trying hard to find that wonderful balance between 'interest' and 'too busy'.

.. and so, the dunes touches the sky.

I feel a sense of achievement - the bare canvas covered with soft mounds of rich colour and subtle texture. As always when I hit a 'mile stone' in a piece, I sit back and wonder how I got there. 

It is a glorious sunny day out with big blue skies - my big blue sky is waiting...

Have a beautiful day.
Anna x

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