Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Back home

I got back from my annual trip to Thailand on Monday. I won't say I am back on track, but I am back and have unpacked (that is a start, right?) after two weeks away, soaking up some warm weather and Thai hospitality.
The majority of the trip was busy, tiring and a whole lot of fun with 5 workshops over 8 days.

Four of the class projects are new and I am planning to add them to the shop over the next few days. It is not my intention to kit the Cherry Blossom and the little Cutwork flower in the long run though, so once the few spare kits I have are sold, these two will only be available as pdf patterns for download.

I have been invited to teach at Pak-Ka-Pao House Studio in Bangkok for a number of years now and it is lovely to go back each year and meet up with students who have now done several classes with me.

(APOLOGY for the blurry phone photo!!)
Choong brought her 'Persian Bounty' from last years class to Show & Tell. I love how she added an extra dragonfly. 

I am so ditsy though ... I was in class mode the whole time and did not take a single photo - how very silly of me...!!

Jewels of Summer Stitched by Pa-Aom 
She finished before the last day of classes and I just love how she added the bee!!


After a busy week, I had decided to treat myself to a few days of doing as little as possible. 

My sweet friend (and interpreter) Gib, runs a small boutique B&B, Gajib near Amphawa a few hours south of Bangkok. She had told me so much about it and I felt I needed to see it for myself - I am so glad I did!!!
After the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, this place is so quiet and peaceful - just what the doctor ordered. Tucked away in the most lush gardens there is not much to but, relax, watch dragonflies and butterflies around the ponds and listen to the chorus of frogs and geckos....

 ... so that is exactly what I did - as little as possible. A few little half day outings, but other than that I cannot remember the last time I slept and ate my way through several days in a row.

I was so relaxed, I even picked up my needle again!
Before I left, I had tossed a few skeins of cotton and bits of fabric in by bag 'just in case...' I got the urge. And I did!

I had plans for this colour bundle, but ended up doing something completely different...

...more about that later.

Enjoy the rest of your week.
Best Stitches,


  1. Hi Anna - welcome home! Your Thailand visit sounds exhausting. Along with the heat and humidity, it must be difficult at times to stay focussed. It's lovely to see that you are teaching Thai women rather than well-heeled tourists. Funny, because I have been pondering recently on why Inspirations Magazine and Stitches never (or seldom ever - I can't recall any, but may be wrong) feature projects from any cultures than Eurocentric, white ones? There are so many rich needlework traditions other than our own. I love some of the work from designers from South Africa and Zimbabwe, for instance, but have never noticed any from the women of colour in those countries. Why might this be, do you think?

    1. Hi Erica, It was a good trip thank you. Lucky I am one of those people who quite likes the heat LOL besides, most time is spent inside in the air conditioning (so cold you need a light cardigan at time).
      I really can't answer your question about publications. I think Inspirations have front article from indigenous embroiderers from time to time. My guess is that for both publications the vast majority of readers are Caucasian therefore these are also the people who submit projects for publication.. just a guess.

  2. All looks just gorgeous Anna and so glad you had a break just for you too.....we must catch up soon!! xx

    1. It was lovely Micehele, I would love to do a retreat at Gajib, but at the moment the future of the place is a little uncertain, so I will wait and see what happens.
      I could love to catch up - it has been ages. I am off to QLD for 4 days start of Aug so flat out until then - but when I get back.

  3. What a wonderful trip! :)
    And I know the feeling about the unpacking... ;)