Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Queen Bee

I am most likely nuts!

You may remember Queen Bee, the little Or Nue piece I stitched a VERY long time ago. Anyway, it has been sitting, quietly tucked away in a deep, dark cupboard (along with most of my other embroidery) ever since. About a year ago, the good people at Inspirations asked if I would teach it as my one day workshop at Beating Around the Bush 2018. Of course I would, it would be perfect.

Beating Around the Bush opened today. Opening day is always such a buzz and it was fabulous to catch up with so many stitching friends (if only quickly) from all over the place.
So back to why I must be nuts?
I have been busy getting ready of course and during all of that I kept thinking I would pop Queen Bee (which I am teaching this coming Sunday) into a little neat frame - Easy, right?!

But then, all laid out and ready to go I really didn't like the matt close up against the stitching, nor did I like the plain cream linen it is stitched on visible. While packing kits late last night for my mini classroom pop-up shop I suddenly thought it would look really nice on a natural coloured linen ground, perhaps even as a box top.
Nothing quite like a last minute idea is there??

This morning, before heading down to up to set up my classroom, I got the linen ready and tacked Queen Bee into place. I didn't want to turn the edges of the linen under, so it is just tacked flat (Fingers crossed, I have been accurate enough with aligning the grains for the fabrics).

I then, ever so carefully stitched the piece in place with tiny invisible stitches around the edge of the gold.

Next, I stitched around the edge in stem stitch using the same colour silk as for the honeycomb. The plan is now to cut away the cream linen, leaving just a narrow seam allowance and then cover that completely with a satin stitch border. I will let you know how I go
I am really happy with how it is looking so far and happy I made decision to not just 'pop it in a frame' - but it would have been nice to have had that idea a few weeks back - it seems nuts to do only a few days before a class. Oh, well nothing like a challenge is there...?

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  1. Hi Anna! I LOVE your Queen Bee, she is absolutely gorgeous and it would be such a pity if you would have tucked her away in a dark cupboard for years ;O! Yes, I think it seems nuts to do only a few days before class, but you DID it :)!!!
    Kind regards, Ilona