Sunday, January 14, 2018

Back Stitching

It has been a very, very long while and I hope everybody has had a good start to this shiny new year.

I haven't deliberate ignored the blog (or other social media for that matter) but for us the end of 2017 didn't quite go to plan.
Life threw us one of those unpleasant 'curved balls' that happen from time to time and it has really thrown me. Farmer John is quite sick and will be for a little while yet. Although I have always been doing my bit around the vineyard it was mostly on an 'extra hand needed' basis. With his health being what it is, this little farm hand has had to step up. That's the thing about farming, you can't just put it on hold. Grapes don't stop growing, they keep going at their normal pace no matter what. So between keeping on top of the vines, my other work and looking after farmer John the best I can, there is not a lot of time (or energy) left for much fact I didn't stitch or do anything stitchy for weeks (shock horror!!!).

... but I am back stitching - more than one project (as always) - and have made a bit of progress on a few. One of the projects I have been working on the last few days is this Crewel Embroidery panel.

I gave myself a mild shock when I looked back through my posts and realised I haven't touched it since July!!  
I have decided I need to get at least one element finished each week, or I will be struggling to have the kits ready for August when we will be stitching it as part of the Alpine Experience

So, I got stuck into another branch and large leaf. I have mostly been stitching at the night, so I haven't taken many progress shots... the light, nor my camera are good enough. 
This is the result of the past two days...

It took a bit of trial and error to get the colour and stitch combinations how I wanted it for this leaf. I am not sure if it is because I haven't worked on the project for so long and had to get back into the groove of it, but I finally got there. Well, except I will restitch the top two leaves... Because this project in my large slate frame, I have stitched this element up-side-down and because of the angle of working fly stitch up-side-down, I didn't see the 'holes' between the stitches where the two shades of blue blend near the tops of the two leaves. 

Never mind - overall it is going in the right direction. Two more branches with large leaves, some hills and a goat still to go. Next up is this leaf...

I have not quite decided how to stitch it yet - I think it will include some long and short stitch and laid filling...
Enjoy what is left of your weekend and
Happy Stitching,
Anna X


  1. Hi Anna,

    I wish your husband (and you) the very best and hope his recovery goes well. Make sure you look after yourself through it all.

    The stitching looks lovely! I hope it provides some relief and not just another deadline to meet.

  2. Sending good recovery and better days will come for you both.

  3. Anna, I do hope that Farmer John makes great progress and recovers completely. The crewel panel is looking very promising...