Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Stitch Tree

Do you have a favourite tree?
I do. It is neither a fancy cultivar, rare speciality or  spectacularly big - it is an simple gum tree, and they of course grow everywhere here. The thing with my favourite gum tree is that it is not an ordinary gum tree. It is one Tilly and I often pass when we go for our walk..

... the original tree fell over in a storm some years ago, but instead of just falling over and die, it has turned into a beautiful bridge with small trees growing across it. I am sure possums and other creatures have fun playing on it when nobody is watching.

After our walk today, I have been busy getting ready for a new, 6 week workshop that is starting tonight...

Traditionally embroidery classes tend to be a based on recreating an existing project and I often get asked about how I make choices when design a project for a class. I thought it might be fun to create a class that will help teach participants to create their own work by giving them choices in how they choose to stitch a design.

Trees in all their shapes and forms are such a fabulous subject for stitching which is why I have chosen a tree as the motif for this class new class.

What I have prepared is for a different kind of sampler. Instead of stitching the traditional row after row to learn and practise stitches, this 'sampler' is in the shape of a tree.I have drawn up three different shapes of trees, each in two sizes.
Everyone will be choosing their own tree and will later be adding leaves, flowers or whatever else they may want to add, and stitching in in their own choice of threads and colours.

I will usually be busy packing kits and supplies before a class, but this time I am simply itching to start stitching my tree.

As I often do before I start something new, I have prepared a little inspirations or 'mood' board of colours and shapes that appeal to me but I have deliberately not started my version yet because I don't want anyone to be influenced by the choices I make for my tree. Instead I will be stitching along with everyone else and I can't wait to get started and see where it takes me.

I will be sharing my progress (and everyone else's) here and on Facebook so you can see how it goes. You might even like to join us. If you don't have a tree to stitch, I have uploaded the tree shapes I have drawn HERE so if you would like to stitch along with us you can.

Best stitches,


  1. Thanks so much Anna.
    It would be good seeing your colors project for trees. I need this so much after seeing so many trees burned in the fires that ravaged my small country

  2. Lovely idea ! I must try find you on Facebook :)

    1. That would be lovely -

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  4. Your goldwork bird is amazing and I’m sure the tree will be beautiful.

  5. This tree can be a great red work too for machine embroidery. Nice to find your blog. Just followed you.