Monday, August 21, 2017

Lyrebird - Work in Progress

I have a deadline....
I don't mind deadlines...
They make me get things done...
... sometimes fast. 

I knew the lyrebird was needed 'soon' but then I got an email saying mid to late August....
well, mid August has been and gone, so this is what I got done last week:

Parts of the tail done. Needlwoven picots and wheat-ear stitch for the long feathery feathers.
The body is padded ready for the needlelace slip, which (as they say in the cooking shows) I prepared earlier.

I wasn't going to, but of course I couldn't wait to stitch the slip in place. Then he looked so miserable without an eye, so I did that too. Now he can keep an eye on the progress of his surroundings.

Foliage and flowers.

The flowers were done late last night with a combination of blanket stitch wheels with bead centres and spangles held in place with colonial knots.

So the surface embroidery is finished. I am absolutely itching to attached the long, curved tail feathers (which I have also prepared), but I have promised myself to stitch all the leaves before I do.

Better get to it.....
Best stitches,
Anna xx