Wednesday, April 5, 2017

New projects...

The colouring in is finished..

I don't often do this, but it has been an interesting little exercise to get an overview of how it will work out.
I am sure there will be plenty of changes....

I am simply itching to get my hands onto these yarns and start embroidering this project, but
(1) I am waiting on fabric and more importantly.....

(2) the fabric for the dragonflies has finally arrived. I was set on a certain colour and had a bit of trouble finding it a suitable weight. I could have used a homespun (broadcloth) but then I would have to back it to support the stitching so I really wanted something a heavier and closely woven to avoid that. I finally found a beautiful cotton, but have been waiting for more than 4 weeks for it to arrive....

I am teaching this project at the beginning of May, so I must confess I was beginning to get a little anxious... It did finally arrive late last week.... but we have been harvesting, so I have not had time to get anywhere near it until today.

The plan now is to get the embroidery finished in the next week or so - nothing quite like a tight deadline! It will be nice to get back onto this project. The little sampler I did only had a single dragonfly and flower, just to test colours and stitches, so it will be nice to watch the larger design of three dragonflies Over the Pond take shape and I am looking forward to stitching it.

Best stitches,


  1. Your Crewelwork piece looks wonderful! A good size for a long class as well - lucky you! I'm still very much in the learning stage of designing my own projects and find the colouring in an invaluable process.
    I'm glad your fabric finally arrived! I'm sure that was a little worrying for you.