Saturday, February 4, 2017

Dragonflies WIP

I think I have solved my colour palette for the dragonfly project.
 As much as I liked that bright coral coloured dragonfly, it just didn't quite work for what I have in mind... it is bright blue, with pistachio green wings. The design I am working on has three dragonflies on it, and for a bit I was toying with the idea of making each a different colour. I gave that idea away and all three will be stitched exactly the same. They will still be different, but only ever so slightly thanks to the variegated silk I am using for the 'tails'.

It is not often I use variegated threads. Mostly because I like to be in charge of what shade goes where, but from time to time I find these stunning threads really useful. I have had the beautiful skein of Waterlilies (227 Desert Shadows) in my stash for ages and the colours running through it will be perfect for the dragonfly tails.

The tail is stitched in padded satin stitch, so the gradual change of colour will really show. By using a different length of the thread for each dragonfly, I will be able to make them different, but still the same... if that makes sense.

A padded satin stitch body in two shades of turquoise with dark purple/blue stripes across it, jade green Rhodes stitch eyes and long & short stitch wings with veins of feather stitch worked in fine metallic gold completes the dragonfly.

I prefer not to stitch on white or ivory fabric if I can avoid it. I just find that using coloured grounds can complement the stitching and make it look so much more lush. Look around you, how much white do you see outside?

I had a bit of soft green cotton in my (yet another) stash. It is a homespun that I use for stumpwork leaves but I like that the colour blends with the shades of the wings and at the same time allow the rest of the dragonfly and the yellow buttercups 'pop'. The fabric is a little bit too fine to support the stitching. I am not a tight stitcher, but there are still puckers beginning to form around the wing. Since I don't want to back this project I am now on the hunt for a suitable fabric in the same (or very, very similar colour).
With the sampler done and my main 'problems' solved this project is now on hold for a bit. Not only because I am waiting on fabric swatches but also because I have a goldwork project I need to start work on for a class in July..

Best stitches,
Anna X


  1. Variegeted silks for tails is a great idea indeed. They looks "natural" !

  2. Such a lovely needlework project! I colors and the sunny yellow flower. What is the gold thread on the spool in the above photo? Is that what is used on the wings?