Monday, November 30, 2015

What a week...

... not only was I teaching the Partridge in a Pear ornament on the weekend, but I was determined to have the KIT in the SHOP by December 1.

... I just made it! 
Boy that was busy, but the booklets are getting printed and everything else is ready to be popped into bags. 

While I work on the notes, which I am sure takes me longer than the actual embroidery LOL, I always get to that certain point where I ask myself if perhaps, I go to too much trouble...

... but as soon as I see it all come together on the pages, I remember why I like to put effort into that part of it too. I am so pleased with this little booklet and kit - It is a good feeling.

The workshop was great - so, so nice to be teaching. I sometimes wonder who gets the most out of it, the students or I? 
We spent most of the time getting the little needle lace wings ready. Everyone did a fabulous job - it is not as hard as it may seem. A bit fiddly perhaps, but if you take your time, not that difficult. 

PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR may not be a big project but I had such fun converting the the 'bigger sister', the original project from issue 67 of Inspirations magazine to something of a more manageable size. 
I will be adding the larger project to the collection of kits, but it may have to wait a bit for now - next one to get finished and ready to kit for all those waiting is..


...and perhaps, just perhaps... a wee bit of stitching in between.........?

Have a wonderful first week of December.
Anna X


  1. Beautiful! Are you planning on making ornaments for all of the things listed in the song, or just the partridge in a pear tree?

    1. I have admit that crazy thought has crossed my mind... we'll see :-)

  2. I love the look of this, even the picture looks so tactile. I'm just about to take on hand embroidery as my specialism for my third year of my degree so no doubt I'll be dropping by your blog a fair bit! I may even have to purchase a kit! Thank you for the inspiration x