Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Partridge in a Pear...

It is finished. The little Partridge is sitting happily in his pear tree.

Of course I couldn't resist popping him onto the massive cedar in the front yard. I have always wanted to cover it in Christmas lights, but for each year it is getting less and less likely to ever happen - we would need to get a crane in to get to the top.

With the stitching complete and only a few weeks to the workshop it is head down and onto getting the instructions written and completed. Despite it's humble size this one is going to need quite a bit of work.

... and while I was hard at work inside, someone else was hard at work outside...

Happy Wednesday everyone. 
Anna X


  1. Just beautiful...can't wait to buy a kit! Helen

  2. That is such a sweet Christmas charm .As for your dog ..... he/she has a " comforter " ? !! lol ! Bless !
    Made me smile today ! Debs : )

  3. It's really lovely, Anna! It will make a wonderful holiday keepsake.

  4. Thank you all so much for the lovely comments... wish I could type and draw quicker to get the pattern ready. Such a shame with other work getting in the way.

  5. That turned out so pretty...what a lovely keepsake ornamet.

  6. This is exquisite and thank you for sharing your technique. So interesting!