Saturday, November 21, 2015

I am inspired...

by Ann Dunbar.

Eden of Light - Ann Dunbar
This incredible artist creates the most mesmerising images by applying embroidery over the top of her watercolour paintings...

Early Morning Mist - Ann Dunbar

... at times spilling onto the surrounding frame.

Waterlilly dream haven - Ann Dunbar
I simply love the delicate contrast between the 'airy' and light watercolour and the textures created by the stitches. 

Soft fragrance of Provence - Ann Dunbar
I have often seen a watercolour wash painted on to fabric for back ground colour, but these are beautiful little paintings on paper enhanced by stitches. Can you even begin to imagine the skill it would take to machine stitch so densely onto paper without damaging it? 
Ann has a wonderful little 'how it happens' book on her website. To have a look just clik HERE and turn the pages.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Anna x


  1. Absolutely amazing, thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the photos, Anna, it's beautiful work!

    She has to be sure the first time about where she puts her stitches, because there are no do-overs on paper!

  3. Wow! Definitely inspiring. Thanks for sharing!