Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lone Tree - WIP

It seems spring is here - finally! The weather this weekend has been absolutely amazing, simply too beautiful to be inside.

Now, after what feels like 1000 wheelbarrow loads of weeds - the garden is looking fresh and tidy.

I haven't done an awful lot of stitching lately - just a bit here and there, but last night I (almost) finished the tree.
I started covering the trunk and branches a while ago but then thought that perhaps it would be better to finish the sand dunes first. I usually stitch most things from the background up and was thinking it would be easier to get the edges of the dunes right in under the trunk if they were finished first.

As it turned out that was not a very bright idea. Because the trunk and branches are so raised, it is almost impossible not to brush my hands over the completed parts of the embroidery when covering them.

To get right in under the edge, I am having to hold the frame side ways. Thankfully that is easily done with the stand I use.

There is now just one little branch at the top and this little bit on one side of the main trunk to do and then the tree will be finished. The branch on the ground will be quick and easy in comparison. 

Best stitches,
Anna X


  1. I love all the textures and colours you are using in those sand dunes, Anna! It is working really well, so the extra effort is totally worthwhile. Onwards!

  2. This is absolutely fabulous! I just love the texture. Beautiful work.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I'm always enthralled by your work! :)

  4. Thank you all so much for your comments - if only I had more time to stitch at the moment :-(