Saturday, July 11, 2015

Photo contest

I don't usually enter my work into contest, partly because I am too disorganised to get stuff ready on time but this one is a little different and I didn't have to stitch anything.

I got a lovely email from Rachel Biel, who founded and runs TAFA (The Textile and Fibre Art list) which is an online association of fibre artists from around the globe. It is a fabulous meeting place of like minded spirits and platform from which members can promote their art.
Rachel kindly encouraged me to enter images of my embroidery to the contest, although I am not a member (yet).

So I did it! I entered the TAFA Photo Contest. My picture of Nautilus is in incredibly good company with some amazing entries. It always blows me away just how broad and beautiful our wonderful world of embroidery is. Jump over and have look HERE - just keep scrolling down and enjoy.

It is a viewers choice competition - so you are all the judge. There are some beautiful and fantastical pictures to vote for and I confess I had to vote for a number myself. With voting just about to close, I am a bit of a late entry so, should you choose to send a 'voting heart' in my direction I would be ever so grateful.

Have a fabulous weekend,
Anna x


  1. It was so nice to have you jump in, Anna! I have been following your blog for quite a long time now and you are so generous with your tips and process. It was nice to "give back" through this contest and I hope that it brings you some new followers. And, yes! I do hope you become a member as we need more embroidery represented on TAFA. I, too, am so inspired by the diversity and ideas generated in our community. Amazing...

    (I did vote for you! :) )

  2. Love that goldwork Nautilus . Mine was vote number 51.! : )