Tuesday, January 20, 2015

up row ...

... down row
We netted the vineyard on the weekend - good exercise. We managed to get the whole vineyard done over three days, nets clipped down and all. I think, no, I know that is a record and it is so good it is done. Now we just wait (and pray) for good weather and a good harvest...

Hope you are all having a good start to the week. I am super busy getting ready for my first (little) fair ever. It is a little bit daunting, but I am sure it will be fun.

Enjoy your week,
Anna x


  1. Good morning Anna:

    I really enjoyed today's post, thank you. We net our fruit trees to stop the birds from eating them (particularly cherries). Is that why you net? Also, we've nothing so fancy as your machine - does it use new net each year then? Does the net come on a roll that you put on that machine or do you have to wind it on first? Sorry - so many non-needle questions today. Love from Canada! Pam. xx

    1. I'm glad you asked, because I'm curious about the same things.

    2. Hi Pam, I am always a little worried that my 'non-needle' post are of no interest to anyone, so am really pleased to find it does.
      My clever husband build this contraption after having seen something similar on another vineyard. I they are available commercially I don't know. It works basically like a giant sewing machine spool reel. The nets are wound onto a piece of plastic pipe so it can be slipped off and stored. So, no it doesn't mean we have to invest in new nets each year, we just wind them back on just before harvest. It certainly beats pulling them in and out of giant bags as we used to do. Al the best, Anna