Monday, January 26, 2015

Goldwork progress

To get the goldwork piece moving, I have set myself the challenge to stitch one lobe shape each day this week.

Day 1

I would normally complete any silk embroidery before beginning the metal thread work but I feel the outlines and sizes of these shapes have to be quite accurate for the design to work, so I am making an exception and stitching from the outline inwards.

 Choosing colour for the satin stitch. The one to the right is too dark and 'flat' and the one to the left too golden yellow. I like the freshness of the top one and the peppermint green through it might work really well...

... nope. Completing the padding stitches it was pretty obvious it was too bright and stark.

Once stitched the 'too dark' mushroom pink, looks pretty good.

So fare so good. Now let's see if I get much done today.
Have a lovely week.

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