Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fresh glittering start

My table is a mess, but there is nothing quite like spreading out in organised (?) chaos to make choices...

I am so much happier with the change of fabric colour and finished stitching the padding (late) last night. Then I couldn't help myself but had to see how the glitter of gold would look and so, promptly set about attaching the first small piece of kid leather in place.

I am not really a big fan of kid leather. There is something about the super smooth and reflective surface that I find often steals the show from all other stitching. I don't know if you can use the word 
'overpowering' but that is a bit how I feel about it. 
Anyway, these shapes are quite small and looking at it this morning, I thought if I could only tone it down a notch it would work - perhaps working some colour into the outline by using a slightly heavier and coloured thread for the couching? 
So I (this is where the organised chaos comes in) promptly emptied my collection of metal threads out onto the table to look for the best option for the outlines....

...and bingo - Copper twist!! Why didn't I think of that before? It is super duper perfect, a bit of warm tonal colour and so very beautiful against the silk.
My only wish now is that it was easy to photograph better so that you too could see the colours properly - but I just had to show you right away.

Back to my needle,
Anna x


  1. Wow, I really love this feather design, Anna! I can already see that it's going to be amazing with all the gold. Have fun!

    1. Thanks Monica, it was not deliberately a feather, but that is how I look at it too :-)

  2. It looks wonderful! I too feel that sometimes gold kid leather overpowers gold threads and stitches in an otherwise beautiful piece. I am not a good at goldwork by any means. It is just what I notice when looking through books etc. I really love your choice of silk and copper twist. It looks beautiful!
    Best wishes, Dianne

    1. I am still in two minds Dianne - I am just about to stitch a little more. Who knows where it will end up?