Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cosy and warm

Yesterday the weather was truly cold and miserable so I spent it inside and finished the the tea cosy. Rather an improvement on the hand towel I used to toss over my teapot, don't you think? 

I love it and it looks so pretty in my kitchen. You may think that my house if full of embroidery, but really there is very little evidence around the place of how much of my time is spent stitching - but this tea cosy one will definitely be used.

What I really, really love about wool embroidery is that it is so quick and easy to achieve big bold patterns on items you can actually use. Like knitting and crochet, you can curl up on the couch and just stitch, not needing any fancy embroidery tools just a needle and a pair of scissors.

What I also really, really love is that I have found a printer who can print the patterns onto the wool for me! Hasn't he done an amazing job? It was almost embarrassing how excited I got when I picked up the first samples from his workshop but if you have ever tried to get a pattern onto wool fabric I am sure you will understand why. It is not easy and this just makes the whole stitching experience so much more pleasant. No more tacking through tissue paper for this girl.

I have had fabric pieces printed for the drawstring bag and will have the full kits for that project in the Etsy shop as soon as I get the wools in. In the meantime if you just want the printed wool and the instructions you can get the packs from Create in Stitch which is the first shop to stock my patterns. Yeah!

I think I might write up the pattern for the tea cosy also - but for now it is off to bed with a nice hot cup of 'you know what'.

Best stitches,
Anna x


  1. The tea cosy is really delightful. I appreciate your excitement in finding a printer who could print on wool: I know how thrilled I was when I was taught how to transfer designs onto calico using an A4 sticky label!
    Best wishes
    Andy LW

  2. Love the blue wool and the thread colors! Would love to see this as a kit (printed pattern on wool and threads) in your shop!
    -Sharon in France

  3. I love that tea cozy, Anna! Such fresh colours. It seems like just the thing when it is cold and rainy outside!