Friday, May 2, 2014

Scalloped edges

I haven't had much time to stitch this week and my fingers were starting to itch. Last night, when I should have been heading for bed I grabbed my needle instead...

...quietly working an old favourite of mine, blanket stitch, closely side by side to create lazy scalloped edges. 
Perfect (deep sigh)

Twisting and turning the work as I stitch the areas of colour, shapes and texture form abstract patterns. - not at all sure about that pale cornflowery blue...

The scalloped edges finishes the top the wing, connecting the larger feathers 
...and the colours work - I think.

From a distance the bird comes together. It is so easy to forget to lean back and look from a distance.
It is amazing what just a quiet hour with needle and thread can do for the soul - I slept like a baby.

Have a lovely weekend,
Anna x


  1. This birdie is beautiful! I love the gentleness of the colors and the curves and bird's expression.

  2. What a joyous piece. I agree 'it is amazing what just a quiet hour with needle and thread can do for the soul' - that is definitely going into my quotes book. Hope you also have a great weekend, Anna.

  3. Amazing embroidery! And I agree, stitching focuses and calms the soul, may you sleep well for days to come! :-) Chrissie x

  4. Love the colours in this.

  5. Lovely, lovely stitching, as always. I love the cornflower blue! I think it really works. Think my soul might need some calming tonight ... where is my needle?!

  6. I love the wheatear feathers. Now to find a place to use it.

  7. This bird is beautiful and they have beautiful stitches.