Sunday, May 18, 2014

Finished flowers

Just a quick show & share - I finished the new project for the classes in Bangkok.

It turned out ok, I think. Happy, bright and cheerful - that is how this embroidery makes me feel when I look at it finished. I hope those who chose to do the class will feel the same way and fall in love with stitching.

I haven't yet decided what to make it into - it may just end up as a piece of 'hoop' art. Any ideas?

I won't be doing any sewing, stitching or embroidery today though. Today is garden day. We have been having the most glorious autumn weather and the garden is begging me to go outside.

Hope you too are having a nice and relaxing weekend,
Anna x


  1. Oh, how I love your stitching and photos of garden and vineyard!

  2. Make it into a cover for a tablet computer, like an iPad. Then you could also have a cover for something else to match. I have a small zippered bag that holds my headphones, USBs, portable hard drive, spare cables for recharging, etc. If everything coordinated I would look like I know what I am doing, instead of looking like a mess.