Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Stitching hands free

The vines are netted...
... and if it wasn't for the beaming sunshine and 35 degrees Celsius you could be forgiven for thinking they were covered in a sprinkling of frost. It looks rather pretty really with the white veils waving in the breeze.

So today I escaped the heat and was back inside working on my 'Queen Bee'. It was nice to add some more colours and I had hoped to reach the wings but didn't quite get there. There are now 7 needles threaded, one for every colour change. As you can imagine it is very easy to get in a terrible tangle if you are not careful.

One thing is keeping track of all the threads but as with any metal thread embroidery, you really need two hands free at all times to work and manipulate the metallic threads. Hanging on to a hoop or frame is really not an option. For years I used a covered brick to 'clamp' the hoop or frame to the table top. I loved my brick and it was perfect for the job.

A year or so ago my lovely brick retired when I did buy a new a new tool - an embroidery stand. It is by far the best thing I have ever invested in!

This is my new best friend Lowery!
I absolutely LOVE it and this is why:
1. It is slim-line and super, super sturdy. But not heavy, so you can easily move it about. The solid metal plate (which I forgot to photograph - ups) does not get in the way of chair legs. I have covered mine with adhesive felt so it slides easily across the timber floors.
2. The generous clamp will hold hoops and frames of most sizes and thicknesses. I have had quite sizeable frames in it and it was perfect. 
3. My favourite part: The clamp section can easily be loosened and rotated so that you can get to the back of your work. I love that bit - with most other stands, turning your work is not always that easy.
4. Everything is adjustable! You can swing the arm in any direction you wish, change the hight to suit which ever chair you are sitting in and tilt the hoop to make your stitching as comfortable and easy to get to as possible. 

I confess, I now do the vast majority of my embroidery accompanied by my friend Lowery. You can get all sorts of attachments for it too. As you can imagine, they are not light so if you want one shipping can be costly. They are made by a small family business in the UK but I know they are distributed in the US, Canada and Australia - probably other places too. If you are interest, I suggest you just do an online search for your nearest supplier or contact Lowery Workstands here and I am sure they are able to help you. 

If you have been following along here for a while, you would know that I do not usually give particular products a 'plug' - I just find this particular stand so amazingly practical to use and thought you might like to know about it.

Enjoy your week,
Anna x


  1. That looks like a wonderful embroidery aid, with all the features you need for such a complicated - but incredibly beautiful - project like this! Chrissie x

  2. I love the bee! It's incredible to see how it's gone from being something we chatted about in the class, to a sketch, to a work in progress. It's awesome.