Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Over the hills progress

I managed to finish the hills before we went on holiday but just didn't get time to show you. Overall I am pretty happy with how they turned out.
Although I am not convinced that they are finished... only time will tell. And the lower edge is 'all over the place'. At first I thought I would cover it, but the more I look at it, the more I like it being so uneven, it kind of softens the the rather tight composition of the hills.
I am particularly pleased with the lower right hand hill. The alternating bands of closely worked stem stitch and open herringbone stitch looks a bit like rows of vines, don't you think? It wasn't at all intentional, it just happened but I am quite sure I will use it again some time.
The large hill in the centre is simply rows and rows of detached chains (lazy daisy). The anchoring stitches are rather long and are placed in between the stitches in the previous row which is how the colours in each row is blended into the one another.
And now she's got boots - shiny, red silk boots with little frilly socks sticking out the top. By that time it was very late so the laces are still to come.
She does also have a head, but without hair and body, it looks really, really odd so I will show you that one later - once she is decent! The clothing too is on its way, but I am not completely happy with how the needle lace pieces have turned out. They are too heavy and clumsy, even though they are worked with just a single strand of silk. I have an idea how I might fix it, but until it is done and I can take photos and compare the two, there is really not much to show - nothing that would make any sense anyway.
The next few weeks are going to be rather busy with other projects, so this one might have to go on the 'back-burner' again. I don't mind - it is rather nice to have a project to pick up from time to time.

I hope you are having a nice week. Ours in Adelaide is sweltering and I need to tackle some really fine silk - not a good combination.
Stay cool or warm, what-ever is most appropriate.

Anna x


  1. Looks like a fun piece.=)

    Can you please send us some of your warmth? I'm cold here in the UK....

  2. I love the colours of your hills; the vineyard one is particularly interesting. The red shoes are intriguing! What thread have you used for this hills.

    It is hot here in South Africa, but not nearly as hot as you; we only have 30 to 33 degrees celsius. Which does not make working with silks an easy task as you said.

  3. Thoroughly enjoying watching your progress on this piece - the different stitches for the hills, the little path in the distance, the lacy stockings - loving these details. Can hardlly wait to see her needle lace clothing!

  4. I really like your detached chains with the long anchors in the centre hill - the blending is excellent and the texture is nice too. I must try to remember!

    This is looking like a fun piece, I hope you can return to it soon!