Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I am inspired...

... by the work of  Sue Stone.

Detail of 'RIP Grimsby St' by Sue Stone 
It is a little while since I cam across Sue's work (and yes, you guessed it, I did discover it on Pinterest LOL) but it has stayed with me ever since - her embroidered characters and the stories they tell are so engaging.

 'RIP Grimsby St' by Sue Stone
'RIP Grimsby St E2' by Sue Stone
"Often displaying a slightly surreal sense of humour, my work challenges both identity and preconception whilst 'at first glance' appearing homely and domestic." ~ Sue
There is something about the tones and almost monochrome colouring of her pieces that remind me of old newspaper clippings and the mostly nostalgic characters placed in contemporary settings makes me stop and wonder - who are these people?.

'Tea Party in Tokoy 2' (2013)
I am intrigued by embroidered figures and there is really not many stitchers who embroider people, let alone do it well. It amazes me how cleverly, with just simple stitches, Sue manages to add so much personality and character to the faces of the figures she creates.

Studies for 'A Nice Cup of Tea 2' and 'A Tea Party in Tokoy'
As someone who tends to get carried away and uses a multitude of stitches - Sue's pieces are a beautiful remainder of how pictures can be 'painted' with simple and cleverly placed stitches. I need a remainder like that from time to time. In fact I dare to say that studying these is a fine master class in creating fabric textures from knitted sweaters to tweed jackets! 

'Do You Come Here Often?' 
You can explore more of Sue's work on her Website and Blog.

Anna x 


  1. just found this page and I love the work,a good account of the clothes worn in the days gone,its unique and I relate to the cardigans the gorils are wearing and what the women looked like it could be my own history,well done, daphne