Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I am inspired...

... by the art of Cindy Hickok. It makes me smile!

'Tea with good friends' by Cindy Hickok

"I paint with thread.  I “paint” each day, with thread as my medium, the needle as my paintbrush, the sewing machine an extension of my arm.  With foot on the pedal and tongue in the cheek, I create works that satisfy my desire to express life as I see it. " 

What a fabulous life that is, don't you agree?

'Breakfast at the National Gallery' by Cindy Hickok
Most of the pieces give a humorous twist to well known artworks and I can't help but smile when looking at the embroideries and discovering Mona Lisa at the table listening to the conversation between the noble ladies by Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec and Monet.

"I like to think that figures from paintings step out of their backgrounds as well,  I imagine what they might do--enjoy a meal, have a rest, or engage in conversation with their peers."
'Tea Bag' by Cindy Hickok
...she never speaks, Mona Lisa, of course - just sits there, listening quietly.

'Cafe de Musee' (detail) by Cindy Hickok
The embroideries are worked entirely on the sewing machine and the shading and blending of colours is amazing. And see the drop shadows? I love the dimension they add to the pieces. 
These works are done on water-soluble fabric, which once dissolved, leaves these beautiful little artworks of thread. 

If these few pieces have sparked you curiosity for more - hop over to Cindy's website and look through the gallery. I am sure it will make you smile, after all that is the point of beautiful embroidered things - and besides, what is not to love about an embroidered telephone... ?

'A Conversation Piece' by Cindy Hickok

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Anna x


  1. Love these! I would love to try this! (in all my spare time!)

  2. I so wish that was my telephone...

  3. Her work is such fun!! Thank you for sharing it! I have passed on her site to some friends who i know will appreciate the work! Her thread collection must be incredible!