Monday, June 24, 2013

Sunday pickings

I put down the needle and picked up a stick. Why?

After a week of cold and wet weather (yes, it does get cold here - cold being almost frost), yesterday shaped up to be dry, almost gorgeous and not wet, so...
... last chance to get the olives off. We did half of the trees a few weekends ago and almost decided not to bother with the rest - just leave them for the birds.

I to feed the wildlife, but
1) birds eating olives = bird droppings with seeds, resulting in olive trees in places where there should be no olive trees, and
2) when the darling birds have finally munched their way through our olives, the vines are setting fresh shoots so our feathered friends are usually tempted to feed on fresh greens for dessert. So - off with the rest of olives.
We don't have a lot of trees. Then again 40ish is probably a lot. But what we don't have is fancy shaking or raking equipment. For us there is only one way to get those little suckers off the trees and that is sticks. Really long sticks and lots of hitting, slashing and bashing. Ah yes, who needs a gym?

Thanks to our good friends Lyn and Nigel who came to give us a hand, and to Esben who (happily?) took a break from his studies to pick up a big stick and help his dad and I.

Over 300 kilos later and a job well done. Today these little babies were taken to the crusher and in a few weeks we can enjoy the most amazing fresh oil, as virgin as virgin olive oil can be. Absolutely worth the very sore arms today and the added bonus of super soft hands... oh, silk embroidery here I come.

Have a lovely week,
Anna x


  1. Wonderfully interesting to me. Thank you for sharing the doings with us.

  2. What a great post! Loved seeing this as I've never seen it done before. Enjoy the oil (so jealous!)

  3. The joys of living in the country is the constant change of things to be done. We are never ever bored!