Friday, June 7, 2013

Just quickly...

I meant to quickly finish making my wool embroidery into bag this morning...

As with most things it took a little longer than expected, but I am really happy with how it turned out. 
I had  the idea for how to make it up in my head for some time - and it worked just as I had hoped. It has four internal pockets, a tall skinny one at each end and two smaller ones along the back - could work well as a knitting bag perhaps?
Of course I had to finish those stamens on the tulip first. Those who stitches with me, will know how I feel about bullion knots and might be surprised to see the four bullion loops! I really, really really don't like stitching bullion knots. Never have. Others do them so beautifully, but bullions and I simply don't get on very well. Anyway - they work so well for stamens like this.
Now all I need to do, is to work out what to do with it next...
Lots of stitching and stitching related bits to do this weekend, but if we get a bit of sunshine I might also try and get outside for a bit. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend,
Anna x


  1. It looks beautiful, Anna! Did you have that contrasting fabric in mind when you chose the colours for the embroidery? It's a perfect match.

  2. Ficou ótimo! Linda, muito linda mesmo! Parabéns!
    Um abraço!