Friday, May 3, 2013

Wool re-stitching

I have been enjoying working on the wool embroidered flowers. It is nice to stitch something that doesn't require a big set-up of frames, light, notes, and fancy tools not to mention not having to wear glasses to see what I am doing! Just a needle, bliss...

... only to discover that the centre of the 'sunflower' was completely off-centre. I figured that I could possibly disguise the lob-sidedness if I was a bit clever with the chain stitch and blended some partial rows in carefully...

It worked - well, only if you looked at it from the side. Actually it looked exactly as lob-sided as when I discovered it was off-centre.
I guess when motifs are as symmetrical and geometric as this, you really can't get away with much. There are not many stitches that I find more irritating and tedious than chain stitch to unpick. Anyway, out they came, bit by tedious bit.
 The flower centre is now at the centre of the flower... ahh, so much better. Now I can enjoy the rest of the stitching, while I ponder if it should end up as a bag or a tea cosy. Any suggestions???

Have a lovely weekend,
Anna x

PS Happy to report that my not-so-long-ago-sad-looking-veggie-garden has produced the first enormous and delicious broccoli and the bare dirt is now covered in tiny neat rows of green... happy!


  1. Quantas coisas simples que nos fazem sorrir: um trabalho bonito e nossa horta crescendo!
    Um abraço!


  2. Just a quick note. I doubt that I need to explain why, :-D but generally if I am filling circles or whatever I usually start on the outside circle, that way I wind up with the center in the, well, center, and no fussy measurements are needed. :-) If off center does not matter in a pattern I do not worry about it. Nice save though.