Friday, May 24, 2013

Wool embroidery II

I (almost) finished the wool embroidery last night.

A few stamens on the tulip and a good press and it is as good as done. Well the embroidery part anyway. I am still undecided about what to do with it. I had thought a of a tea cosy but looking at it, I think the pattern is too large and would look rather silly. I have a bag pattern I have been wanting to test, so perhaps that is the way to go.

It has been great to take a bit of a break from fine silks and metal threads that must be painstakingly placed. There is something overly relaxing about wool embroidery; no hoops, no magnifier, no bright work lights – just one needle and one pair of scissors. Love it...

I find I go through stages of favourite stitches. Lately I have been rather fond of whipped spider's web. I find the texture of the ridges created by the whipping really attractive particularly well with wool. It is such a versatile stitch and just perfect when stitching flowers. 

Just imagine how pretty those little whipped spider's web blossoms would look worked in all different colours and scattered over the fabric.
They will work equally well if you stitch them using perlé cotton or 3 – 6 strands of stranded cotton.
Whipped spider's web is so easy. If you want to give it a try and don't have a stitch directory to show you how, you can download the stitch instructions Here. Let me know if you think they are useful.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.
Best stitches,
Anna x


  1. Ficou muito bonito! Os pontos usados e as cores combinaram bem. Não se percebe que você teve problemas com o centro do girassol.
    Concordo com a idéia da bolsa.
    Um abraço!