Friday, April 12, 2013

Bye, bye blue birds...

The Blue Birds are Finished.... 
hot of the frame and I just had to share it...

So I was supposed to do work, like real work today but all I had left to do on the birds was a few beads and metallic threads, so...
 ... I finished the birds heads. The upper part of the necks worked out really well with a very fine metallic blue thread couched in a lattice over the satin stitch, so I used the same metallic thread to couch the blue silk around the outlines.
The flowers on the chest was to be filled with beads, but I decided to place gold pailletets underneath each bead for a bit of extra sparkle. 
When I originally embroidered the berries, I left a few holes here and there. They did look a bit half finished and rushed. If you saw them then. you were probably wondering why on earth I had not stitched them properly. Well the holes were there so that when the beads were added I could pull them well into the knots, instead of having them sitting on top.
Only the outline of the wings to go... might as well finish while I am at it...
The wings were to be outlined with gold metallic thread and I had a smooth Jap thread and a rococo to choose from. The rococo won because rather than outlining the chest with couching, 
I had used twisted chain stitch. I thought the rococo would complement the texture of that nicely and it is slightly thicker.
  Couching the 'bumpy' thread around the wings seemed really quick...... 

 ...and ... drum roll...

(sorry about the terrible photo)

I am now sitting here, almost a little numb, starring at it. It is done. 
The blue birds have been fabulous to work, an absolute pleasure, but now what? I am sure many of you can relate to that feeling of satisfaction of completing a project, mixed with even quantities of empty-handedness (you kind of grow a bit attached to these things when you spend so many hours completely engrossed in them) and excited anticipation at the prospect of starting something new.
All there is left for me to do is pack them up safely and send them on their way back to Nicole. I believe they will be made into a little cushion in time for her show in July. Unfortunately I won't be seeing the show, so if you happen to be in London between 6 July and 22 September, please pop by the William Morris Gallery and say 'hello' to the birdies for me. 

Looks like I will now be spending my weekend catching up on the 'real work' I should have done today - never mind, it was so worth it!

Have a stitchable weekend,
Anna x


  1. A lovely design and beautifully stitched. Congratulations on finishing it.

  2. Ficou deslumbrante!!!!! você pode se orgulhar muito mesmo deste trabalho! Parabéns!
    Um abraço!

  3. Just beautiful Anna....I especially love the shading in the blue (or is it green??!!) threads! I am machine quilting feathers all over the background of "Nicola's quilt" at the moment and must put some more photos up on the blog...which Nicola encouraged me to do too! I am thrilled that the exhibition will still be on when we go back to the UK in September so I will take some photos for you if I am able to. Hugs from me xx

  4. I, too, am sorry to see this finished! It is so lovely, and I've enjoyed watching the progress. Thanks for sharing your journey, and congratulations on a beautiful piece. I can't wait to see what you tackle next.

  5. I can almost feel the flowers between the two birdies; they really look real!


  6. Thank you for showing this gorgeous embroidery.
    Congratulations on this fabulous finish!

  7. This is a fabulous design, and you did a terrific job on the stitching. Have followed along as you worked. Congratulations on a beautiful finish!
    -Sharon in France

  8. beautiful work and beautiful usual...

  9. Anna, Thank you so much for sharing your stitching journey with the blue birds. I found each aspect of the design entrancing. Your stitching is impeccable and the outcome superb! I know the designer will be happy with it and it will be a favorite in the show! Good Job!

  10. Thank you everyone SO much for your lovely comments, it really means a lot to me. I am glad you have enjoyed following this little journey.
    Anna X

  11. A trumpet fanfare as well as a drum roll, this is so beautiful. Congratulations on completing it. I am going to try to see this exhibition. I have watched a few of the designs progress on various blogs so I would like to see them for real.

  12. A beautiful, beautiful piece of work.

  13. I found your blog through various links after visiting the exhibition yesterday. Exquisite work by all of you!

    1. Thank you - it was such a pleasure being part of this project even though it is on the opposite side of the planet. Oh the wonders of the internet

  14. I saw your Blue Birds at the exhibition a couple of weeks ago. They are beautiful, and the berries in particular caught my eye. I think the exhibition will also be on display at the Knitting & Stitching Show in London in October? If so I look forward to seeing them again!

    1. Thank you Katherine - yes I believe the show will be on display at Alley Palley in October - wish I was going too.