Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tulip patterns

Yesterday my sweet 'baby' boy turned 18...

...the baby is long gone, but when he for a few moments forget to be a suitably grunting teenager, he is still lovely and I know that one day the grunting will subside. In the meantime I just continue enjoy it when he forget to grunt. We had a really nice morning together after which he took off to celebrate with friends and I had the rest of the day to myself - that was lovely too!

 I finally managed to get the patterns for two of the three new projects I showed you a little while back ready on Friday night - does that count for 'Finished in February'? The patterns are for the pincushion and scissor case and it is a good feeling to have 'done and dusted'. I have popped both patterns up on Etsy. I have named them 'Tulipa' and these two are the smaller projects. There is a larger one yet to come...

I had hoped to have the full kits ready this weekend also, but putting the kits together always take a little longer than anticipated. My favourite part is sorting the all wool and putting in on cards...lovely - but for now I need to spend a couple of hours this afternoon working on the Blue Birds...

Happy stitching,
Anna x


  1. Enjoy the boy as he is now and enjoy your memories as well. You'll be a Granny sooner than expected.
    Lovely colours, love the pincushion and the scissor case.

  2. Very pretty finishes! Yes, of course they count towards FIF.=)