Friday, February 15, 2013

Just stitching

I have had a couple of lovely days... just stitching.
I know I declared February the month for finishing things, but I have started The Blue Birds by Nicola Jarvis, mostly because I was itching to do it but secondly - and rather importantly, there is a deadline for this piece to be finished in time for the exhibition later in the year.
 I know many stitchers who finds preparing a new piece of embroidery a real chore, but I rather enjoy the process. It is kind of part of the bigger picture. I was lucky that Nicola had already drawn the design of the birds so it was really just a matter of framing it up. The piece is rather wide, wider than I had expected and my lovely slate frame was not quite wide enough. Shame - I love it. Never mind. Lucky I had a roller frame which is perfect in width and I think it will be just fine.
The berries were fun... knots, knots and more knots.... more to be added later, but for now this is where they are at.
 The leaves were a delight to embroider. I have done a lot of crewelwork lately and it is so nice to work with silk for a change. Those lovely, smooth, shiny threads.
Overall the central motif is coming along quite nicely. Now for those beautiful birds...

I do have things to finish this weekend, but hopefully there will be time for more...

Happy stitching,
Anna x


  1. So smooth! Love the shding in the berries, too. Has Nicola indicated which stitches to use for each element, or is it your own preference?

    1. Hi Ellaine,

      Yes I am actually following instructions for a change, well almost :-) It is rather nice not having to think about anything else but getting stitching looking beautiful.

  2. This is looking beautiful! I love the contrast between the texture of the knots and the smoothness of the leaves.