Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas wreath

All my embroidery has been on hold for various reasons but I wanted to show you what a 'whipped' up last weekend.

I spent most the time in the vineyard summer pruning the Shiraz vines. They grow like mad this time of year and if we don't give them a 'hair cut', they get to big we can't get the nets on later - not to mention, that the poor grapes never would see the slightest bit of sunlight.

I was flicking through a magazine while had a bit of a break and saw this really nice Christmas wreath made from what looked like vine canes, still with the curly tendrils on them. I realised we haven't got a wreath and when I looked down the rows, all I could see was piles of grape vine canes. So I went and picked up a pile, ripped off the leaves and made this........

I just love those curled up tendrils that grab onto anything and everything it comes close to....

I know that in many parts of the world bright lime green may not be a colour your associate with Christmas - but we are surrounded by it, so I think it will look nice on our door. By next year it will be brown I am sure.

I left it to dry all week and hope to decorate it on Sunday ...... any ideas?



  1. Hi
    I love your wreath. I would keep it natural and decorate with fruit/nuts. Nice to hear of something actually growing-we're in the depths of winter here in UK and just had our first snow! :)

    1. Checking on it today - sadly it is starting to wilt rather than looking beautiful. Christmas is possibly the only time of year I miss being in the northern hemisphere though I have grown to love summer Christmas too. There is something very special about a trip to the beach after a big lunch :-)

  2. If the colour and vibrancy are disappearing why not spray paint it silver or gold? A few bits of ribbon and a few homemade decorations from years past should add that provincial touch.
    If this works then there could be a sideline here for some enthusiastic crafters. "Collect vine twigs and craft your own wreath! Pay by the kilo!"