Friday, October 26, 2012

I am in love...

... with the art of Anna Pugh.

As many others, I have discovered and joined the craze of Pinterest. What usually starts with a 'oh, I'll just have a quick look......' more often than not ends up as wonderful trip, following a winding path of amazing and inspiring images. Today I fell completely in love when my meandering took me to the art of Anna Pugh.

Hup A 

With easy, bright hills and villages, filled with fabulous characters and animals full of personality, they are the kind of fabulous paintings, full of whimsy and hidden stories, where the more you look the more you see. I love that!  How can this kind of art possibly not make you smile?
"The best joy in my garden is when it buzzes with bees and flies and lacewings and beetles; when the marjoram is alive with things crawling and hopping and flying. I think insects are the stuff of life. I would love to know what invisible things the sparrows are picking up on the brick terrace in the sun." - Anna Pugh
Free For All
I have a soft spot for chickens at the best of times but this little family is just too gorgeous.The tiny chicks running around madly on their lanky legs and the two blackbirds, who appear to have studies William Morris' 'Strawberry Thief' quite closely makes me laugh.

From Me To You   
If you have time for a bit of virtual wandering and feel in the mood for more of these happy painting, take a quick trip to Lucy B Campbell Fine Art, Mulberry Tree Gallery or this page on Pinterest, you never know where it might take you......

This little trip makes me want to stitch funny little pieces of figurative stumpwork. Can you just imagine how cute some of these pictures would be in stitches?

Have a lovely colourful weekend.
x Anna

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