Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Back Home...

...but oh what a trip!

First day of classes in Bangkok. Great to meet up with old friends, Pao my delightful host and Gib my fabulous and sweet interpreter.

Perhaps my youngest student ever? Baby Me, hanging out with grandma while mum is busy stitching.

 I still pinch myself that I get to share my love of embroidery with these incredible ladies (and gentlemen) who are all so welcoming and eager to stitch. We may not speak the same language (I don't quite know what I would do without my fabulous interpreter Gib!) but we still manage to have a fantastic time together and share some great times and good laughs 

Students brought last years project to show. This one made into a fabulous work bag. 

After 4 full days in Bangkok it was on to Chiang Mai, getting ready for the last day of classes.

Great night out with friends at the most amazing Thai fish restaurant. Super delicious!
and then...


I didn't have time to be a tourist last year, but this time, Adrian flew up to join me and we had a few days of doing very, very little...

...starting with the best coffee I have ever had! 

...waking up to this visitor right outside our balcony...

Visiting a silk place, this one geared towards tourists - next time I want to find a smaller place. Did I buy silk?... silly question really, isn't it???

We did a few touristy things...

 - the silver temple was mind blowing. Completely covered in pressed tin inside and out!

Sent a day on the mountain...

... visiting a coffee farm...

...all on downhill mountain bikes! Sooo much fun!
The best way to finish an amazing time away.


  1. Glad to see that you are back safely. You really had a good time by the photos. The folk you taught seem to have had a great time too; lots of beautiful work.

  2. Oh the places you go! Looks like a great trip.
    Always love seeing what you are up to next.

    1. Hi Janet. Yes it is amazing where embroidery can take you. I hope to go back next year before heading to Bath.

  3. I just loved seeing you with your band of happy stitchers. Thanks for sharing...

    1. My pleasure Jocelyn, it is my little 'snap-shot' diary. LOL

  4. Fabulous Anna and welcome home! I chuckled at the photo with all the electronic devices intently watching your technique but not so sure about those slippery visitors outside the window! I am heading to Ararat this Friday and won't be back until Friday 15th so I'll give you a ring that following weekend x

    1. Hi Michele you know 'actions can speak a 1000 words' and the recording of what I do has proven very helpful to the girls. Yes must catch up / talk before the 26!

  5. Oh, my gracious! What a fabulous trip! The snake, however, would leave me with nightmares and fear. Thank you for sharing pictures of the embroidery classes and the sites you visited. Such a nice trip. Bath next year, you say??

    1. It was indeed a great trip and don't worry according the guest house owners the snake was a harmless tree snake only interested in the geckos. Yes, Bath Summer School next August (2016) I am really excited about heading to the UK so I will of course keep you posted on where and when.