Sunday, April 19, 2015

Snow Berries crewel work

The season is changing outside and apart from the glorious colour outside my window, it seems Adelaide weather decided to completely skip autumn and head straight into winter.

I finished the new crewel embroidery piece early in the week - the colours of the vine outside 'jumping' onto my canvas. Coincidence?  Certainly not deliberate -I only spotted it now putting these pictures side by side.

Once I changed a few colour and stitches (see here) it was a pleasure to finish. A few satin stitch leaves, French knots and rows of stem stitch to complete the last leaf... 

I have already other pieces drawn up (in my head) surprise, surprise. Snow Berries will become available as a kit in the shop but it won't be until next year (sorry). I have so many things to finish before then and without saying too much yet - Snow Berries is potential going to be part of something very, very special...

Anna x


  1. As always, you stitching is beautiful

  2. Those spider webs on the berries are brilliant! Another great design, Anna, and beautifully stitched too!

  3. This is a lovely design and beautifully stitched

  4. Next year??? Will have to learn some patience :) Great to see it finished, Anna.

    1. well you know what they say about patience... :-) Anyway who know's what may happen in the meantime?

  5. This is so pretty! And your stitching is amazing. Isn't it fun when things in other areas of our life match up with our crafting without us even realizing it until afterwards.

    This week I'm hosting week 2 of my new weekly Stitchery Link Party and I'd love to have you come link up and share this post (or any other that you'd like) with my readers.